Monday, November 30, 2009

Animal Rights Cause Response 1

I am glad I was able to get into a group about Animal Rights. I am a pet owner and all around lover of animals, so this topic is close to my heart. I know many animal rights organizations exist. But the way I look at it, the more the better.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Potential Discussion Topics

1. Finding the right breed for you (family size, location)
2. Understanding pet body language.
3. The importance of walking your dog.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Animal Rights Blog Post Ideas

1. The Importance of Spay and Neutering
2. The Importance of Heart Worm Medication
3. Choosing a dog that best fits with your family (i.e. location, family size)

I am really leaning towards the first one.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Boyd and Bennett Response

Both these articles touch upon misconcepatoins with social networks sites. SNS are a big part of modern culture but as tools they are underutilized. Boyd's article dispels the myth that social networks directly open the door brave new worlds. In truth social network users do not seek out new things but rather gravitate towards their friends. The internet interaction is a straight substitute for hanging out in public.

Bennett's article highlights the rift between generations in terms of citizenship. Generally speaking, parents and grandparents put faith in the government. They get news from mainstream outlets and place a high emphasis on voting. The youth on the other hand doubt the mainstream. They seek news from alternative outlets and turn to friends for approval in political matters. The youth does not blindly follow a political party; instead they seek out specific causes to invest in.

Both artilces were good reads. In particular though the Bennett article gets me thinking. I totally agree with his assertion that the old school and new school must meet in the middle. The future of citizenship lay in the middle. When the respect and experience of the old world smashes together with the technology and ambition of the new world the result will be nothing short of spectacular.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Social Networks: Definition, History, and Scholarship Response

This article was a nice read.

I was surprised to learn that social networks date back to 1997. I associate the birth of social networks with the launch of myspace. For me it wasn't till I entered high school that I first head the term "social network" being tossed around.

I feel bad about what happened to I can see where the founder is going by saying it was ahead of it's time. All to often somebody gets and idea but the magic moment hasn't arrived. It's funny how innovation works that way.

The Launch Dates graphic is a nice visual complement to the info dump of site names and dates featured in the paragraphs.

On a rather random note, I found it cute that dogs and cats have their own social networking services.

Causes That Intrest Me

Causes I Care About

1. Animal Rights
2. Domestic Abuse
3. Child Welfare
4. Bullying
5. Internet Stalking

Of the lot I'm leaning the most towards animal rights.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Website Design Reflection #3

The limitations of Google sites surprised me somewhat. Though it is free, so barring that in mind this is a good program. I'm sure with more time investment I could gather a stronger mastery of the program. For the sake of this project is did the job well enough and I must commend it for user friendliness.

Website Design Reflection #2

I enjoyed the teamwork aspect of this project. I feel like from day one we all jived nicely. We stayed on the same page through-out and everybody brought some snazzy suggestions to the table.

I think our bond was easy considering the sad state of the site. Anybody could tell that the site needed a massive overhaul. So we didn't get stuck on picking out what aspect to focus on. So much needed work that we knew any place was a good place to start.

Website Design Reflection #1

When I first had the first misfortune of laying my eyes on the aesthetic mess that is the Creation Museum website I had a smidge of an epiphany. I got to thinking about just how many sites of this kind exist. How many crude, seemingly long forgotten websites stain the a tapestry of the internet. There must be thousands of pages crafted from crude tools and now ignored entirely. It's somewhat sad really, they are like disowned black sheep.