Monday, November 16, 2009

Boyd and Bennett Response

Both these articles touch upon misconcepatoins with social networks sites. SNS are a big part of modern culture but as tools they are underutilized. Boyd's article dispels the myth that social networks directly open the door brave new worlds. In truth social network users do not seek out new things but rather gravitate towards their friends. The internet interaction is a straight substitute for hanging out in public.

Bennett's article highlights the rift between generations in terms of citizenship. Generally speaking, parents and grandparents put faith in the government. They get news from mainstream outlets and place a high emphasis on voting. The youth on the other hand doubt the mainstream. They seek news from alternative outlets and turn to friends for approval in political matters. The youth does not blindly follow a political party; instead they seek out specific causes to invest in.

Both artilces were good reads. In particular though the Bennett article gets me thinking. I totally agree with his assertion that the old school and new school must meet in the middle. The future of citizenship lay in the middle. When the respect and experience of the old world smashes together with the technology and ambition of the new world the result will be nothing short of spectacular.

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