Monday, September 14, 2009

My Experiences Blogging

Back in December of 2007 I started a blog with a buddy of mine. Initially the concept was to review "bad video games". Fairly early we lost that narrow premise and expanded to pretty much a blog about anything. Though there are still some recurring topics: movies, comic books, videos. So really it has just become a pop culture blog. Another friend of ours joined as a writer and the three of post about whatever amuses us.

That blog which is still running (though seriously lacking in updates as of late), was my first real exposure to blogging. Prior to that I never read many blogs. Occasionally I'd stumble upon a post while looking for some news topic. But other then that I no presence in the blog community.

Since starting a blog however I have found myself turning to blogs more often. In fact I get much of my entertainment news from blog posts. Despite my increased flowing of blogs I would still clarify myself as a lurker. I virtually never comment on posts, which is something I should consider doing more as I understand the importance it has for the writers. I know form me at least, blogging is only worthwhile when I can be sure an audience exists. No matter the size, as long as somebody is reading then I am willing to take the time to blog.

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