Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stefanac Response

I feel this article has a wealth of valuable insight on blogging. I really enjoyed the "quick tips for enthusiast bloggers" section; it features some handy practical tips. In looking at those tips I recalled my own personal experiences in blogging, especially in "Stick with it".

The biggest issue I face as a blogger is consistency. At present it has been several days since I updated my group blog. If in the last few months we have barely averaged a post a week, which is pathetic when consider we used to bang out a post a day.

It's surprisingly easy to get disenchanted or discouraged with blogging, but dedication will yield positive results every time. I really need to break my lazy habits, stop "thinking" about post ideas and just go out and write them.

If I truly didn't care about the blog then I would have given up already. Stefanac sums it up nicely when writing:

"if your heart isn't in it and the content is forced, your efforts are likely to fall flat and fail to attract"

In the end bloggers have to come to the table with a feeling they have something worthwhile, a unique angle that needs to be present on the internet. If you find yourself just phoning in posts about topics you semi-care about, then really your just wasting your time.

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