Monday, October 19, 2009

The Offical Goddard Park page helped me a lot

When putting together the brandy new Wikitravel page for good old Goddard Park, I found a valuable tool in the official website. While the page is extremely basic and looks as thought it hasn't been updated in years it still provided to be a great place for stats. Information such as dedication year and phone numbera where things I could never have gleaned exclusively form my personal experience. Using the site was a good way to go, thought I realize I could have gone one step better. I could have taken it upon myself to visit the park again. Maybe even ask the rangers some questions. In that way the page would have been filled out more. But even without another visit, I am confident that the page came out strong. There is a ALOT of room for addition. But I take pride I knowing I got page started in the right direction.

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